The important feature of essay writing is to prepare, write and revise. A Beginner’s Guide to Get Help In Essay Writing to enhance your writing abilities. The essay types determine the nature of an essay, efforts, and time invested in the essay. The most significant step of your essay is preparation, which can be done through research and constructing an effective outline of your essay. The next step is writing and giving your arguments and analysis.

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The last step is revision, in which you check spelling, grammar and plagiarism, format and organize it properly. First, create a draft of your essay; it does not have to be perfect. Write the draft, review and edit it until you get an informative and strong essay. You can take help from a Law assignment help uk who provide every help regarding your academic writing. Read on to learn a simple guide to writing an essay.

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Determine the essay type

You are asked to write a wide range of essays throughout your academic years. The most common essay types are argumentative, narrative, persuasive, literary, expository and comparative. Determine whether you have to write an expository essay and give your analysis or tell your story through the narrative essay. Do you have to convince readers to take your side by writing a persuasive essay? Do you have to write a literary essay pm book? It is the first and most important step to know what type of essay to target.

  • Create an essay online

An outline is the road map of your whole essay. It will lead you to the completed product. Constructing an outline will help you organize your thoughts about the subject. The entire essay depends on the outline, so make sure to make it effective and clear. Firstly, write the topic on top of the page, write the arguments you want to use in your essay, and provide evidence such as facts and statistics to back your arguments. Just remember to handle each step one by one.

  • Produce a thesis statement

The thesis statement informs readers about what question you will answer and what point you make in your essay. In other words, you can say that it is the introduction to your conclusion. When creating a thesis statement, be specific and focus on the main idea. A strong thesis statement makes a great impact on your whole essay.

Introduce your topic

Generally, the first paragraph is your essay’s introduction, which defines the topic and gives direction to your entire essay. The introduction discusses what the essay is about, discuss the main topic and describe the thesis statement and argument to support your thesis. The introduction establishes the tone of your essay. You can state the factual information or challenge a claim about your topic. It should be clear and interesting to grab the reader’s attention. Introduction generally consists of ten to twenty per cent of your essay.

  • Write the body of your essay

The body of your essay is a significant part of your essay. This part makes your essay worth reading. The body contains a detailed introduction, arguments, evidence, facts, statistics, and examples. Body discusses the analysis and interpretation of the main content of the essay. The body consists of sixty to eighty per cent of the essay. Divide the body into several paragraphs to make it clear and coherent.

You can also provide theoretical and empirical examples to make it look more authentic. Transition words are recommended when writing a body; they help connect sentences and clarify them. Your essay’s soul lies in the body. Your overall arguments develop in the body. That is why the proper development of the body is crucial for a successful essay.

Present your conclusion

The last paragraph denotes the conclusion of your essay. It is generally ten to fifteen per cent of your essay. It is the place where you conclude your thesis arguments and draw evidence together. The conclusion is basically the summarization of the whole essay. Do not introduce new claims, arguments, and evidence in conclusion; it can undermine your previous arguments of the essay. Leave a strong impression on your readers by making it effective. It should be in favour of your essay’s main idea and convincing.

The conclusion gives closure to your essay. In conclusion, try to create three to four sentences concisely. Review the main body of your essay and reiterate the thesis. Be certain not to repeat the precious words. Briefly describe your opinion about the topic. The last sentence should maintain your main idea convincingly and clearly.

  • Revise your essay

Your essay is complete, and the next step is to revise the essay. It is the last step before you submit your essay. Sometimes this step is neglected even though it makes your essay more effective. Reading your essay multiple times and editing the sections that require the elimination of sentences or adding arguments, facts, and statistics.

In this step, you can also check the spelling errors and grammatical mistakes and check the plagiarism of your essay; it is the most significant part. In order to make your essay unique, you have to run your essay through a plagiarism checker. Organize the structure of your essay format, give final touches, and your essay is ready to present. Some essays require citation based on the essay type that you are writing. The citation section usually comes at the end of your essay.

Writing a good essay is really important for your academic success. Follow these above steps to make an effective and interesting essay for your readers. Essay writing is the best way to master your writing skills.

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