You’ve probably heard of the phrase “blog” or “weblog” and are probably asking “what is a blog and what’s it all about?” Let’s get this out of the way while I went to college many people spoke regarding “blogs” and “blogging” However, back then, I didn’t know what it was about, or even how to create blogs, or what were the top blog hosting websites! I had absolutely no idea…

Thanks to my experience, I’ve written and run a variety of blogs like Digital Princess blogging site and I am able to say that I have a good understanding of blogging (check out our no-cost blogging course by clicking the link at the right If you need help getting started).

What is a blog?

A blog is quite similar to a web site. It is my opinion that blogs are journals or diary entries and is (mostly) managed by one individual – the blogger. Most blogs are regularly updated (once per day, every other day, once each week, or once per month). Blogs are not always private, however the majority of them are online for other users to view.

Blogs are categorized by topics. My blog’s theme will be “blogging” and “how to start one” I’m here to help beginners begin a blog, attract more readers and much further… But it also has various other topics. Bloggers usually are interested in a certain subject, so they’ll come up with a.

Blog post posts constitute the mainstay of blogs. Each blog that is on the web is composed of blog posts that are written by bloggers. Blog posts could contain content (obviously! ) pictures, videos bullet-points, various headings and more.

The blog posts (and blogs) can be shared via social media platforms (Twitter, FaceBook, Google+) and users can comment on blog posts to begin meaningful conversations.

Blogs are able to attract lots of users. If your blog is able to attract enough content and starts to gain popularity and you begin to receive visitors from other websites as well as social networks, and through search engine.

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Definitions that can be linked to blogs.

Blog definition (n.)

A journal/diary online accessible through the Internet.

Blogger definition (n.)

The person who is the owner of the blog. The person responsible for keeping the blog running (posting new content as well as providing the most recent news, information cases studies, views and more …)

Blog post meaning (n.)

A piece of writing or article within the blog. For example, the blog post you’re reading right now is an example of a “blog post” that is written for my blog.

Blog meaning (v.)

To create the blog, keep the blog, or to locate the right blog. I’m planning to look for a blog that is on fitness and health.

Meaning of blogging (v.)

The process of writing and maintaining blogs. While blogging I’m able to communicate information I believe is relevant, useful or interesting to others.

What are the opinions of professional bloggers about the significance of blogs?

To make this article much more interesting, I spoke to 9 blogs who have been doing great and asked them a single question:

“What do you mean by a blog? Explain it in three to five sentences”

As you’ll discover, the solutions differ from the answers provided by editors of Wikipedia and Harvard Law School.

Blog definition according to pros

“A blog can be described as a way in which you can post your thoughts. Imagine it as an open journal, diary or even a book. It is a place to share your private thoughts, brief update, or instruct others on the lessons you’ve learned. Your blog’s content is entirely dependent on you, but I would suggest all of us try to blog for six months. Why? Because it’s a fantastic method to receive feedback from other people. It allows people to make comments and offer tips.”

“For me blogging is more than just a platform to share new posts regularly (or sometimes more or less on a regular) basis. It’s also a platform for individuals to discuss their opinions on my work in the field (in my case, marketing and startups) and also a space for anyone who wants to learn new perspectives on those subjects.”

How do you define blogging? The past and the current trends

Informally officially, it was the first blog was created by Justin Hall in the year 1994. At the time, nobody even knew the term “blog” or “weblog”. In reality, Justin’s website was more or less an ordinary website, however it appeared to be a blog. Justin posted frequently (still doing so!) on things he found on the internet “stuff” he found on the internet. It was a sort of “personal diary”.

“Weblog,” as a term, was “weblog” was first (officially) introduced on the 17th of December, 1997 Jorn Barger. The year 1999 saw weblog being reduced to blog. In 1999, a few people (who had access to computers and internet access) began to blog, however not very popular in any way…

There was WordPress (in 2003) and it has changed significantly… Why did it change so? WordPress began to offer a free blogging platforms. Many people have found it beneficial (including myself) since it’s incredibly simple to set up, maintain, and use. The majority of blogs use the WordPress blog platforms.

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