We’ve been living in Los Angeles for 10 years, and at the top of the pail list for our home has at all times been a hot tub. There are a lot of design selections when it comes to selecting a hot tub, but after months of pointed, we lastly found a look that we love. We stirred into our 1940’s Los Angeles home a year ago, and while it has a great pool, we truly required a hot tub.

A fitted hot tub isn’t a choice because we’d have to devote a marvelous amount of money to also re-do our pool and deck, and from our study, it didn’t look like an essential spa had as numerous jet choices. So we expended months exploring all of the above-pulverized spas, and we truly found it problematic to recognize a spa that we touched worked with our elegance and what we want for our home.

STIL series

While waiting for we came across the STIL series from Hot Tub Depot. Our home is constructed in an outdated style, but our area is to design and beautify it with contemporary accents and sections. Our courtyard has been mistreated for years, but since affecting in we’ve added antique Brown Jordan chaise living room and low-slung contemporary IKEA chairs. We have yet to whole the remodeling, but we’ve packed our yard with as numerous preserved succulents as we can.

Modern Hot Tub Design

To accompaniment, this looks we needed a hot tub with modest clean lines, equally exclusive and out. We were originally drawn to the simplicity of cedar hot tubs which reminded us of Japanese of euro soaking tubs, but we’re a family of four that likes to entertain, so these sorts of tubs just aren’t useful for us. They also necessitate much more preservation than we have the time and forbearance for.

The STIL Hot Tub Depot is fairly a leap from the cedar tubs. Their discreet aesthetics are alike but that’s where the associations end. Inferior to the up-to-date clean lines of the STIL lies a scientific genius in the world of hot tubs. Truly, every other hot tub seems stuck in the Stone Age-associated to the STIL.

Hot Tub Depot Therapy System

We were initially drawn to the STIL7 because of its award-winning modern design, but after learning about the personalized Hot Tub Depot massagers, we were sold. Vince and I are equally active and run frequently. Hours consumed in the rotation studio and on the jiu-jitsu mats takes a toll on our bodies, but there is no superior way to recover than with a beneficial jet massage. When customizing your spa you can select 3 of 6 different Hot Tub Depot, which can all be interchanged and placed in different locations along one side of the spa. This is an inclined changer for our fitness and wellness, along with our savings from the steady messages we used to get.

STIL7 interior

Beyond the Hot Tub Depot, the other major design choice is color. The STIL7 interior is only presented in a white snow color which was picture-perfect for us, but we could select between a pan or anecdote brown outdoor color. We went with tab which equals the whole thing but could see the chestnut color operational well next to a home with timber siding or on a deck.

Final Strategy Feature

The final strategy feature of the STIL spa that we precious were the open-perception seating. Instead of molded separate seats, the STIL7 premeditated like a large four-sided tub with bench seating that faces each other. This makes maneuvering between Hot Tub Depot much easier. And allows for a sense of movement within the tub without being restricted by the contours of the spa. The bench chairs permit you to sit decently. Or rest and have jets to service at all areas you want.

Booming Sound System

We’ve always got music playing in or around our home. We dear our Son’s home audio system inside, and at all times have a blue tooth speaker structure outside. But the STIL7 has a cohesive sound system that contains four speakers. That cover you in the music of your prime. The speakers are marine-grade and completely waterproof, and the system is companionable with any smartphone.

The Hot Tub Depot comprehensive system has sufficiently of bass and we can original it up for a full celebration or enjoy some comforting sounds when we just want to relax.

We’ve only had the hot tub for a couple of weeks now. So we’ll report back soon with more details on how the Hot Tub Depot Therapy System functions. And details around maintaining the spa using the Simple Water Care System.

We’ve only had the hot tub for a couple of weeks now. So we’ll report back soon with more facts on how the Hot Tub Depot Therapy System purposes. And details around keeping the spa using the Simple Water Care System.

So, you got a cast-off hot tub – Nowadays what?

I hear it constantly: “My parents just got a fresh hot tub and provided me their old one”, or “. I approve of a house that has a hot tub on the yard”. If you have had a hot tub previously. You possibly recognize what to do to acquire the spa up and consecutively. But if not, your head may be whirling.

In the case of a family member’s cast-off hot tub. You may have a logic of the tub’s past, and its state. In the greatest other cases, all stakes are off – you don’t recognize if it’s decent or if it’s a Junker.

Let’s dump into what you should do when you obtain an original to your spa

If your objective bought a house with a spa, no suspicions, continue on to the next unit. If the spa is new to the assets. You’re going to have to arrange an area for the spa to be aware and bring influence to that place.

Outcome a place to pole your spa is full of trials you may not even appreciate yet. That’s okay, here’s a great means for planning a spa.


Now that the whole thing is looking tip-top, it’s time to purify the spa. You don’t want to soak in who recognizes what germs and bacteria the earlier owners left in the spa.

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