The locks on your home, company, business, or where you usually stay, you do not usually notice the wear and tear of time. Whether it is a second home, for example, or another place you usually visit, they can be damaged, deteriorate with time, and cause us various unexpected problems. Luckily, there are some simple tricks to fix these situations without too much difficulty and that you can easily repair from home.

Fix stuck keys in doors and cars yourself

If this is not happening, the key cannot turn because it does not find the ideal friction point, which can have severe consequences for you. We must perform lubrication with a graphite powder spray to solve this problem. The spray has a fine tube of about 2mm that can be inserted through the hole. Then you must apply pressure so that the liquid comes out peacefully without soaking the entire lock that we are treating at the moment. Once the liquid is inserted and the lock lubricated, you will need to insert the key and check if it turns. If the method has not worked, the problem is more complicated, and a cylinder change will be necessary.

On the other hand, what has happened is that when inserting the key, it has become stuck in the lock. Therefore, you will have to grasp its handle and pull it firmly towards you. If you also begin to shake from side to side while doing this gently, it can help you extract it efficiently and without further complications.

Try to be delicate

Remember, in any case, not to be too abrupt as it could damage the lock and leave it damaged forever. We are here to explain how to solve this problem. We mentioned that it is frequent and always happens when we least expect it. I invite you to reread it because the procedure is effortless and prevents difficulties. Well, the truth is that for today we have another excellent trick. It is worth noting that almost all the tricks that we transcribe are based on people’s knowledge. These people have experienced this or on the generalization of a good idea that someone came up with trying to fix things like the ones we are explaining below since we want to help you be as effective as possible.

If you don’t have granite handy, heat the faucet with boiling water

This being the case, if a key gets stuck and you don’t have graphite at hand, we provide you with a solution that is undoubtedly within your reach. If a key won’t turn, all you have to do is heat it in boiling water. If you were going to a bain-marie, you could control the temperature of the faucet. This way, you know that the result will surprise you. The easiest way is definitely to use a cigarette lighter from the car. It can also be helpful or more delicate, but you have to shake it around the bottom of the key to warm up steadily and quickly. You can help them in this way to improve the situation from which they are suffering severe consequences.

In that case, what you should do is heat the iron of the key in various natural ways (radiators, flames, lighters, bain-marie, etc.), and so you can use a little graphite powder spray to lubricate. If this worked for you, we are very happy for you. It will ensure that these problems do not happen again in your home or home.

Keys stuck in vehicles

On the other hand, and as we were introducing previously one day, you may have gotten up very early to go to work in your vehicle, and what happened is to open the car normally, but the key in, turn it, and nothing happens. Usually, it may seem that everything is ok at. First, the radio and interior lights come on. Then, however, it may happen that the key will turn more. Finally, however, it reaches the end as if it were blocked. In no case are you going to be able to put the key in position II, so we have a matter of a key stuck in the vehicle?

It could have happened for many reasons but what you should know is that in this case, it will be tough to start the car unless you try to fix it with the steps that we are going to explain to you below since what should be correct is that to start the vehicle you must reach position «III.» If the steering wheel unlocks and the radio comes on, and I can get into the car, you have a battery, so we still have the problem with the key and the cylinder.

It is a tiny part, like a tooth, and is part of the inner body of the mechanism. So, the first illustration is that together with our help, you find or accidentally come across the appropriate explanation.

  • Disassemble a single lever faucet
  • Steps to install an additional security lock

Then loosen the lever that fixes the steering wheel

The next step you must do to continue with the repair is to loosen the lever that fixes the steering wheel’s position to remove the plastic covering this area that does not allow us to reach the end of the position part. Very carefully, what you should do next is remove the staples. For this, you can see a metal piece embedded and riveted with 3 points. Next, you must do to resolve the situation is to use a counter punch.

The plate will detach slightly and should separate about 2-3 millimeters from the body.

Afterward, you should remember that you should assemble all the parts as you found them before. To learn more about this, remember that it usually happens that the key will quickly turn.

can start driving your car properly. Starting with the plastics around the steering wheel to access the key under it, you must decompress and disassemble it. The next step is to remove this material because it will hinder your progress.

Once removed, you will see a circular piece on the outside. What you have to do is click there and turn the key. When you have placed it in the first position, the entire cylinder comes out. Then once it is out, you can already remove the key. Remember that the locks of your home, apartment, business, or car are not eternal. You must maintain and repair them regularly.

Fortunately, there are some simple tricks that we have been explaining to you that will help you without a doubt since the only thing you will have to do is follow our instructions and these simple steps that we have explained in detail before. Otherwise, you must need to hire the services of a professional Locksmith Tampa.

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