Conducting a thorough technical SEO audit requires more thorough understanding of SEO optimization. A lot of Cheap SEO Service UK firms, SEO Resellers marketing on the internet, SEO analysts and SEO consultants offer technical SEO services to brands on the web. There are ways to conduct an audit of your technical SEO at your own expense. If you’ve decided to conduct it yourself, then you’ve come to the right place. Because we will walk you through the entire process of a technical SEO auditing in a simple manner.

What Is Technical SEO Audit & Why You Need It?

Simple and concise A tech SEO audit is performed to verify that your website is functioning as per the various technological SEO standards. It can help you identify and eliminate any technical issues your site may have. The technical SEO mistakes can affect the search engine rankings, which is why it’s important to get rid of these issues.

Tools You Need

There are many tools, that are both free and paid & you can utilize one of the paid or free tools to conduct audits of technical SEO.

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Free Tools

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

HTML Sitemap Generator

Google Pagespeed Insights

Screaming Frog Spider

No Follow Browser Plugin

Paid Tools (Optional)


Uber Suggests

Deep Crawl


4 Major Parts of Technical SEO Audit

There are a lot of things available to perform the technical aspects of an SEO audit. We have divided them into four primary components. The other elements fall in these four areas.

1: Backend Elements

2: Front End Elements

3: Links & URLs.

4: Generating & Analyzing Audit Report.

Let’s Get Started With Technical SEO Audit

After acquiring the appropriate SEO software and tools, and having a clear idea of SEO technical audits and the SEO audit process, we’re prepared to begin the process step-by-step.

PART 1: Checking For Backend Elements

The first step is looking for backend components. In this stage you’ll be examining all elements operating on the back end of your site. We will verify whether the elements you are using are compliant with SEO algorithm or not.

Start A Crawl

To assess the health of your website’s backend, you’ll need an instrument for crawling. You can choose any of the mentioned tools, whether paid or free. All of them are excellent and you can utilize any one of them. They can audit your website’s backend systems like server hosting and architecture, domains and so on.

Things To Evaluate

When you crawl through a tool, you’ll get lots of details about your site. You must now search for the necessary metrics and other parameters. Pick those parameters that are essential to your audit of technical SEO. Below are some of these parameters.


Server Uptime





PART 2: Checking For Front End Elements

When you have analyzed the above-mentioned backend elements, you have to examine your website’s for front-end elements. There are numerous flaws on the front of web pages which can affect your rank in search engine results. It is therefore important to look them up during the technical SEO audits.

Start An On-Page SEO Audit

The primary aspect of a front-end website audit is to examine the aspects that are related to on-page SEO. SEO service cheap firms offer Numerous tools can be used to examine your site for SEO issues as well as flaws, among other things.

Things To Evaluate:

As is the norm there are a lot of things to think about when you are doing on-page SEO. Below are some of the most crucial aspects that you should consider while conducting on-page SEO checks.

Page Titles

Meta Descriptions


Site Hierarchy

Keyword Stuffing

PART 3: Checking Links On Your Site

The final step of the process of conducting a tech SEO assessment is to examine the quality of all hyperlinks that are on your website. It doesn’t matter if the link is either outbound or inbound it is important to verify the health of it and its usability.

Start Evaluating Links And Their Health

Select a tool to begin looking over your website for unhealthy or broken hyperlinks. Links are a crucial element in the search engine ranking and it is essential focus on these.

Things To Evaluate:

These are the main reasons you must consider when evaluating hyperlinks on your website.

Broken Links

Follow/No Follow Link Usability

User-Friendly URLs

Malicious Or Spam Links

PART 4: Generating and Analysing Reports

The above three steps or components can provide you with a wealth of information on the many aspects of the technical SEO of your site. It is now the perfect moment to create reports to analyze them and create an SEO plan for technical issues to address any problems you’ve discovered. Many marketers utilize it to resolve all problems at the moment they discover it. However, you can fix it later , after reviewing all the details if you need to outsource your SEO technical process to another company.


Conducting a thorough technical SEO audit can be an extremely time-consuming and lengthy taking process. But, if we begin conducting it in a way that is planned and preparation, we will be able to accomplish it. The entire process could differ for various factors to SEO analysts. However, we’ve given you the entire procedure in depth. Step by step through the process is simple and you won’t forget a step of it.

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