It’s a fact that the process of writing assignment papers is not for everyone’s cup tea. There are many obstacles faced by students at some or another. Because of this, students seek assistance for their assignments to solve their problems. Below are some of the most common issues they encounter and some secret techniques that can be utilized to conquer them. Take a look at the following listed below:

List of 10 Problems Students Face While Writing Assignments

Inappropriate Thesis Statement

The thesis is a document that can guide you through your writing. If it’s irrelevant then the entire text could be.

Tip To avoid this, make the template with thorough research on the subject.

Lack of Evidence

A task must resolve one or more of the problems that is accomplished by providing the right quantity of material.

Tip To do this, you should check the reference as both secondary and primary sources.

Hazy Introduction

A paragraph that introduces the reader is the first sentence and provides the first impression of anyone reading. If it is unclear making the reader stay until the end is difficult.

Tips The Tip: Include all the essential information and stay clear of other irrelevant things.

Not Aware of the Audience

If you don’t know the intended audience that you’re creating the task to, you won’t be able to succeed.

Tip Tip: Open the task by identifying the audience you are targeting for which you will need to create the content.

Using Foreign Words

A lot of times students rely on the aid in the form of words that are fancy in order to make their work appealing. However, because of the unfamiliarity of these words the meaning of a sentence can change.

Tip Be sure to check the meaning of the word which is unfamiliar to you. For this, you can use an online dictionary or thesaurus.

Overusing Commas

It’s one of the most frequent problems encountered by students. It can be a challenge in completing an outstanding assignment.

Tip Tip: You can take the online course to get proficient with commas and other punctuational forms.

Obscure Conclusion

The final paragraph or summary is usually overlooked when making any type of assignment. However, if the conclusion not well-written and appropriate the paper will be unusable.

Tip Create an all-encompassing conclusion for the text, putting everything in a concise manner.

Managing Time

The biggest challenge faced when working on academic assignments is managing time. A lot of students quit work at the final time and fail to meet deadlines.

Tip Make a schedule with the tasks that are most urgent and leave the less important tasks to be completed later.

Fear to Fail

Many students are afraid of failing before beginning. This is one of the worst things you can do, and not just in a specific assignment, but in all aspects of life.

Tips Learn all of your weaknesses before you begin and attempt to eliminate them from the tasks.

Careless Citing

Making reference to an author’s work isn’t illegal, but presenting the work as your own is not acceptable or even an offense.

Tip Always include an attribution to all sources you’ve analyzed while creating your assignment.

Improper Sentences

Many students think that using strong or fancy words can make an impact, yet they are unable to put them clearly into the context of.

Tips Tip: Try to make shorter sentences employing these phrases. This will provide the reader with more clarity and is easier to comprehend.

Passive Voice

There is no requirement to only use active voice, however, writing with active voice is recommended as it’s more efficient.

Tip Tip: Write everything in an active voice. This includes essays, research papers or even a book.

No Connectivity

A lot of students fail to make their connection to the argument they made at the beginning and the evidence they’re incorporating.

Tip Use to bridge the gap between the claims and supporting information by providing illustrations.


This is the most difficult issue that one could face when preparing an assignment. It may turn out to be the most challenging. There is a chance that you could face severe consequences if plagiarism is discovered within your work.

Tips: You can either cite the sources you’ve referenced or used, or paraphrase what you want to include.

Improper Organisation

It can be very difficult for the reader to comprehend the message you wish to convey when the information isn’t organized.

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