Jizan is a major city situated in the southwestern region of Saudi Arabia. It is positioned on the Red Sea coastline, west of Abha. Jizan has around 100 gorgeous islands for travelers to explore. Jizan’s stunning look is really what makes it such a prominent tourist destination. Jizan Local Airport, located 3.5 kilometers from Jizan, is the city’s closest airport. The airport offers flight connectivity from a variety of locations, making it simpler for tourists to reach Jizan.

Jizan is a full-service tourist attraction with a plethora of historical monuments, islands, beaches, mountains, and retail complexes. Visitors from all over the world go to Jizan to discover the most incredible places. Particularly, Muslims who come to perform Umrah must-visit Jizan as they can relax here and relish its beauty and splendor. You can get 12 nights Umrah packages along with a visit to Jizan. Here are some of the top tourist spots in Jizan that people coming to Saudi Arabia must visit:

The Golden Beach

It is a very remote beach that is ideal for experiencing nature’s calm. The beach is home to many of the outstanding coral reefs in the Red Sea. Diving, snorkeling, swimming, and other adventure sports are also available in this region.

Al Khoubah Hot Springs

Al Khoubah Hot Springs, a prominent tourist site in Jizan, is a must-see. It is located 75 kilometers away from the city core. Visitors may relax their bodies and minds by jumping into the hot water. Furthermore, one can benefit from all of the naturally occurring materials contained in sparkling water. The Al Khoubah Hot Springs has the highest temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.

Lajab Wadi

It is a magnificent valley that generates more freshwater than any other town in Saudi Arabia. It is a canyon that stretches for around 5 kilometers and is 3 to 30 kilometers broad. Streams invade Wadi Lajab, carving a tiny channel between two big mountains. It has some wonderful and magnificent scenery.

Farasan Island

The archipelago is a marine paradise with a high level of diversity. It is well-known for its mangrove swamps and colorful parrotfish. Nature enthusiasts visit the island with zeal and relish the journey. Farasan Island is perfect for divers, as there are several dive sites on the island, including Marmar, Dohra, Shib Ammar, Gorgonian Point, as well as Dannak. Those who are interested in heritage or wildlife will enjoy this gorgeous island. 

Turks Castle

It is a cultural place located atop a mountain in the heart of Jizan, Saudi Arabia. Turks Castle has an area of approximately 900 meters and is flanked by four massive turrets. It is believed to be 150 meters above sea level. The castle, perched atop Jizan Mountain, boasts a stunning outlook.

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Awqat Saeeda Theme Park

It is a family fun park located in the exciting city of Jizan. It is located in the far southwest corner of Saudi Arabia, on the Red Sea coastline. The park preserves a peaceful environment for those who want to unwind amid the beauty of nature. The theme park also has cafés and restaurants on-site that provide a broad selection of high-quality cuisine.

Al Qassar Village

This settlement on the Farasan Archipelago is the region’s biggest palm oasis. The village’s old structures are composed of stone and palm trees. It is a wonderful holiday destination for history buffs, with a plethora of wells and old buildings.

Al Shuqaiq Beach

Al Shuqaiq is one of Jizan’s most beautiful beaches, is approximately 150 miles from the city. It is an excellent holiday destination for individuals of all ages. Close to the shore, there is a seafront where children may engage in fun activities. Tourists also go to the beach at night to enjoy the artificial lighting, which enhances the attractiveness of the beach. Furthermore, the beach is home to several great festivities, like the Entertainment Festival, a 45-day event that features breathtaking circus acts and entertainment zones.

Kadi Shopping Plaza

The Mall has some of the most well-known worldwide companies, making it an effective shopping destination.

Fayfa Mountains

These magnificent mountains are located in the Jizan Region in southwestern Saudi Arabia, close to the settlement of Fifa. The mountains are just like heaven on earth. Because of the abundant rainfall in the region, the mountain is lush with foliage. Visitors who climb the peak of the hill are treated to a breathtaking panoramic panorama. Hiking aficionados are strongly advised to explore these adventure-filled highlands.

Al Rashid Shopping Mall

Visit the various outlets, cafés, boutiques, as well as branded retailers located here. The mall also has amusement facilities such as an arcade, a toy store, and an ice skating rink.

Al Khazzan Park

It is an excellent family getaway spot. Al Khazzan Park lies in the middle of Jizan’s lovely city, situated adjacent to a 40-meter high historic water tank. It has breathtaking scenery, covered walkways, a special park for children, as well as a place to sit. The park also features a number of open places where visitors may sit and appreciate the peacefulness of nature while watching the sunset.

Jizan Historical Village

The hamlet, situated on the southern Jizan Corniche, gives its tourists live symbols depicting the region’s many civilizations, as well as changes in surroundings and terrains over time. It also protects the region’s cultural and archaeological resources.

Explore the Souq

Jizan has a number of souqs where you may get a large variety of handcrafted items. The city has shopping malls with worldwide brands, but it also has Souqs or street marketplaces. Weekends, as well as Tuesday and Wednesday, are ideal times to explore this marketplace.

Jizan offers a diverse itinerary offering magnificent nature retreats as well as interesting metropolitan places for travelers. The city is well-known for its rich culture and calm atmosphere. And motorways, allowing for a stress-free travel experience.

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