Nezuko Kamado is a fictional character from the Oscar-winning anime series Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba). Nezuko Kamado is the deuteragonist of the series. The main character (protagonist) of the series is Tanjiro Kamado , Nezuko older brother. The story follows of TanjiroKamado, who one day loses his family in a demonic attack while away from home, leaving behind a single survivor: his first younger sister Nezuko. 

Later Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayers and Nezuko, where he meets his companions Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibiro. While the hugely successful series only has 1 season in the anime adaptation after theDemon Slayer Movie: Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Mugen Train. The second season of the series is scheduled for September 2.

Nezuko Kamado Appearance

Nezuko is a small young girl who has fair skin, noticeable big, noticeable fangs and sharp, stiletto nails that have an initial shade of light pink with an ombre that fades to a redish-pinkish hue at the tip where they meet. Hair of Nezuko Kamado is black, long and wavy. It is just below her waistand turns to a bright orange color as it crosses her elbows.

Nezuko kamado

It appears to be cut into a series of straight, sweeping hairline, with a side-swept look towards her left. Nezuko eyes are soft and pale eyes that appear to be more light around the edges of their eyes, which are slanted downwards towards the side of her face. They are with a frame of notably long eyelashes that’s pupils may appear to be slit when she changes.

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Nezuko Kamado- Characteristics

  • Nezuko Kamado is a fragile girl who has a solid determination to protect her brother even when he transforms into a demon.
  • She has pale white skin with a lovely sweet voice.
  • Nezuko is very kind, so much so that even after she turned into a demon, she didn’t harm humans.
  • She is a very lively girl who cares about her family.

What is Nezuko hair color?

Nezuko has beautiful long wavy black hair highlighted with orange highlights down to the waist.

What is Nezuko eye color?

Nezuko has the most beautiful eyes in the whole show. Her eyes are a crystalline reddish pink.

Her eyes were red when she was human, but they turned pink when she turned into a demon. Nezuko Kamado in demon form has graceful red irises with pinkish flames set in them.

Nezuko Kamado Abilities

Although she is not a member in The twelve Kizuki, Nezuko is an extremely strong demon. One of her best qualities is her incredibly rapid growth probably due to the huge quantity of blood. She got through Muzan Kibutsuji who turned Nezuko Kamado to a demon and it’s the reality that she does not need to eat humans in order to live. It was evident in many battles throughout the series. Where she could beat her adversaries despite being overwhelmed at the beginning.

nezuko ability

Nezuko Kamado Abnormal Demon Physiology

In her role as one of the “chosen undead”, Nezuko has several distinctive demonic characteristics that set her apart from other demons. Particularly, Nezuko Kamado is able to continuously replenish her power without eating humans , which any other demon is required to do. Instead, she regains her strength by sleeping alone and would need to spend a significant amount of time asleep to recuperate and gain strength. 

Furthermore, Nezuko has an extraordinary growth rateas demonstrated numerous times. When she gets stronger and stronger without training or consumption of humans. The ability can occur even in the midst of battle and can result in massive power increases. This is most evident during her battle with Susamaru in which her foot was destroyed in the direction of Temari balls of the demon. However, once she regenerated. She was able face her in a level game of kicking the ball, and eventually beat her.

Nezuko Kamado Awakened Form

Nezuko has the capability to go into a state of berserk that makes her more demon-like in appearance. Changing to an adult form of her with vine-like tattoos that encircle her body and a single horn sticking out of her forehead’s right side. The awakened form significantly increases the physical abilities of Nezuko Kamado and also increases her ability to regenerate, to match the upper ranks’. 

When she first woke up to this ability during her battle against Daki the Demon Slayer. She became extremely agitated during the battle, and losing her normal restraint to blood of humans and the only way to get to normal was to let Tanjiro sing her a song. In the fight of the Demon Slayer with Hantengu, Nezuko manages to master this form at will and fight more effectively. while keeping her normal calm and avoiding from eating human flesh.

Nezuko Kamado Sunlight Resistance

In their fight with Upper Rank Four, Hantengu, Nezuko Kamado developed immunity to sunlight, something that is unattainable for demons, not even Muzan the King of Demons himself. Due to the immunity from sunlight she can move around during the day without getting burned to ashes, which prompts Muzan to change his plans to hunt her down and absorb her in order to defeat the sun.

Nezuko Kamado Immense Regeneration

As a demon Nezuko has enhanced regenerative capabilities that enable her to heal within one glance. When she first began her journey as a demon, her healing was slow when compared to other demons. She took some time to heal wounds from slash. 

Once she was awakening state the ability to regenerate grew until it matched the power of the upper Ranks which allowed her to connect her entire body and torso and also to grow her legs and arms instantly. Daki observed that the regeneration of Nezuko Kamado exceeded her own.

Immense Strength of Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko has naturally increased physical strength when she is demon. At the beginning of the series , when she was first introduced to the demon she was strong enough to sever another demon’s head by striking. Nezuko was also able to punch her Swamp Demon so that he vomited blood. She also threw the demon with strong kicks and punches. 

Strength of Nezuko

Since she is not a fighter with any training. Nezuko relies on brute strength and uses its legs to be her primary weapon to unleash powerful and quick kicks. Nezuko Kamado has also demonstrated that she can enhance her strength in difficult situations. Such as pushing her legs harder to return Susamaru’s hands, despite being ripped off of her legs in the earlier. When she is awake she was able to pierce her backside of an Upper Rank demon with a kick. And keep the clones from Upper Rank Four, Hantengu.

Nezuko Change in Size

After being turned into demon Nezuko demonstrated the fundamental ability to alter her body’s size and weight. She could shrink herself to the size of a tiny child to fit into a tiny container or a basket to shield herself from the sun the day with Tanjiro and also to grow to a larger size so that she could fight demons.

Nezuko Kamado Blood Control 

Apart from the Blood Demon Art, Nezuko Kamado has demonstrated in her Awakened Form that she can be able to control her blood. In the event that her head and limbs were severed , and she was about to be cut in chunks from Daki. Nezuko was able to manage her severed limbs as well as her head by congealing immediately and forming the blood. That was sprayed from them , before the streams were able to break. 

This way she was able control her limbs to grasp and hold Daki’s sashes and, despite the fact that it was done using the floating. Dislocated limbs joined to each other by blood and blood, she was able achieve this feat with such force that the sashes immediately stopped. Then, she was able to bring all of her limbs back into place through the blood stream which allowed her body to regenerate.

Nezuko demon skills

  1. Even after turning into a demon, Nezuko did not feed on humans. His blood art technique heals humans and harms demons.
  2. You will often see Nezuko Kamado sleeping in the suitcase that Tanjiro is carrying; she does it as an alternative to consuming or recovering her energy.
  3. It can squeeze its size and become small or extend it. When it loses energy, its size decreases.
  4. nezuko regains his energy faster than other demons. Likewise, it is stated in Manga that Nezuko has faster healing abilities than other demons.
  5. Nezuko later gained resistance to the cell of KabutsujiMuzan (The leader of the Demonic race) in Manga.
  6. Nezuko Kamado is the first demon in the Demon Slayer manga to become a sun-walking demon.

FAQS About Nezuko

Q1- How old is Nezuko Kamado?

Nezuko Kamado is among the newest characters of Demon Slayer as she is just 12-years-old at the beginning of the story. When she is transformed into an undead.

Q2- How old is Nezuko is Season 2?

The younger Tanjirou’s sister Nezuko Kamado after being transformed into a demon at 12 years old. returns to the action of Demon Slayer Season 2: Entertainment District arc. But, in chronological terms she’s fourteen years old.

Q3- How tall is Nezuko Kamado?

Nezuko’s height is 53cm.

Q4- Who does Nezuko marry?

In the end, Zenitsu and Nezuko would get married and begin an extended family, as evident by their descendants.

Q5- What Does Nezuko Mean?

In Japanese Nezuko’s name can be written as Ni Dou Zi and each character representing one vowel. First character Ni which is pronounced “ne,” is a relatively obscure word. That translates to “ancestral Shrine” (via Nihongo Master) in the absence of.

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