New Vampire Movies – The legend of the mysterious blood-sucking vampire was established at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The stories of new vampire movies are among the most significant and oldest genres of the horror film. They’re among the earliest horror stories that exist in the world of culture. Legends of the vampire are prevalent throughout the world that date back to prehistoric times. The new vampire movies is built on the tradition of the vampire genre that date from the beginning of the nineteenth century. That played a significant role in the development of the Gothic fiction at the period.

In reality, vampire stories can fulfill nearly all the requirements that the genre of horror has in general. Numerous new vampire movies are being made and so many are coming too.

In the present, more than hundred years after the fact, we are given the chance to select from the huge film library the movies we would like to see. There are a variety of streaming services with a wide selection of films from this New Vampire Movies genre in their library. But probably the most well-loved and most well-known one is Netflix.

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Best New Vampire Movies

There are too many new Vampire movies are trending on Netflix. The best we choose for you.

1. New Vampire Movie Day Shift 

Day Shift New Vampire Movie

A hard-working blue-collar father simply wants to provide a comfortable life for his sharp-witted 10-year-old daughter. The routine San Fernando Valley pool cleaning job is just a cover to his main source of income, which is killing and hunting vampires.

Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx) is a pool-cleaner with a unique side-job that is a vampire hunter. While he hunts down two older females and male vampire in his adolescence in the house where he is employed as a pool cleaner, he collects their fangs since they’re worth a lot of money. Out of the new vampire movies Day shift best movie ever and trending on Netflix , Prime TV and Amazon too.

2. Morbius New Vampire Movie

Morbius New Vampire Movie

The film begins with a stunning visual. In Costa Rica, a team of scientists, led by Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) arrive in an underground cave. Morbius is the first to walk towards the cave’s entry point and cut his hand and puts it out while bats start flying out, drawn by his blood. The remaining men return to their helicopter. Morbius is consider the best New Vampire Movies around.

Dr. Morbius who is seriously in a coma due to a rare blood disease and who is determined to save others from suffering the same fate is willing to take a risk which may not be beneficial to anyone else in the world.

3. First Kill is My Favourite New Vampire Movie

first kill vampire movie

Julliette is an 16-year-old vampire that has yet to be officially ordained. She is part of a family of vampires from the past and her mother is the guardian of Malkia. She has yet to kill her first victim but she has to get it done quickly.

Julliette isn’t willing to accept that she is vampire. She is compassionate and does not like the thought to suck blood out of human beings. The vampire mother she has is however, her father is a created vampire. Thus, Julliette has mixed blood. You can watch first kill on Netflix as they have a list of New Vampire Movies which are trending.

After waking after a nightmare that was a long and gruelling nightmarish dream Juliette has a dry throat as a result of the need for blood. Since she doesn’t have the blood of humans, she consumes blood-sucking capsules to assist in the treatment of migraines.

4. The Invitation best horror movie

The Invitation best horror movie

“The Invitation (2022)” is a horror fantasy film produced by Jessica M. Thompson and written by Blair Butler. The Invitation comes at No 4 in my New Vampire movies list.

Following the passing of her mother and with no known relatives, Evie undertakes the test for DNA and finds an old-time cousin she didn’t know she had. She’s invited by her new family to an extravagant ceremony at the English countryside, Evie is first seduced and enticed by the beautiful elegant host. But she’s soon thrown into a frightful nightmare of survival when she discovers shocking secrets about her family’s past and the sinister motives behind their sexy generosity.

5. Village of the Vampire

Village of the Vampire

Director Roberto D’Antona create the best vampire movie in history. It begins with a street that is dark, as two ladies – one of whose name I couldn’t find while the third Elena (Erica Verzotti) that are running away from something they’ve found in their night clothes. They stop, and one declares that *he* was in her head. She disappears in a flash and Elena discovers she is in the street dead. She is seized by vampires then Rebecca (Annamaria Lorusso) is a well-known journalist, and Elena’s sister. Elena has been missing for three months. Rebecca will soon go on leave , but informs her editor that she’s going to speak with the source first. The source may have information about Elena. You can Watch Village of the Vampire on HDToday free streaming site for movies.

6. Dracula

Dracula Best Vampire Movies

The Original Living Vampire American mockbuster horror film that focuses on Amelia Van Helsing’s struggle against the the evil Dracula. Dracula. The Asylum production was clearly designed to capitalize on the success of Marvel’s Morbius film.

The detective Amelia Van Helsing is on the hunt to find the perpetrator of several grisly murders that targeted young women. The situation only gets worse as all evidence points to the seemingly indestructible count Dracula. When the girlfriend of Van Helsing disappears, she’s forced to consider the existence of monsters during an ultimate battle with the mysterious count.

7. Blood Red Sky

Blood Red Sky

A mother (Peri Baumeister) is taking an overnight flight across the Atlantic to America to see doctors to discuss her rare blood disorder and a group of terrorists take over the plane and she becomes a full-on monster vamp to defend her son. The mother is already suffering from an unidentified illness is forced to take action after a group of terrorists plot to hijack an overnight transatlantic flight. To protect her son, she’ll need to expose a dark secret and unleash the inner beast she’s fought to keep from.

8. Blade


A half-mortal and half-immortal is determined to take revenge on the death of his mother and rid all of the vampires in this world. The modern-day vampires he’s after are searching for his unique blood type, which is needed to summon a god of evil who plays an important part in their scheme to take over humans.

Blade’s mother was bit by a vampire during her pregnancy but she was unaware that she had given her son a unique present when he died with all the desirable vampire traits, in conjunction with the most humane skills. Blade was raised to become the vampire hunter to get revenge for his mother’s murder. These vampires that have have managed to penetrate almost every major organisation, require Blade’s special blood for summoning La Magra, the blood god, to rule over the humans, or cattle in the way they refer to us.

9. Night Teeth

Night Teeth vampire movie

A student at a college who moonlights as a chauffeur spots two women who are mysteriously arranged to go out partying across LA. When he learns of their bloody plans – as well as their sinister, dark underworld , he must fight for his life.

Within Los Angeles, there is peace between humans and vampires. When the lover Maria is the wife of human leader Jay is kidnapped and the members of his group are discovered to be dead. He joins the group to meet with the vampire leaders throughout the night. The younger brother Benny takes his car and serve as a substitute for Jay and transport two people through L.A. in the evening in order to make some extra money. Benny poses as Jay as well as Blaire and Zoe travels to various places throughout the night. However, he soon discovers that they are vampires, and Zoe is the wife of the ruthless vampire leader Victor who is determined to destroy any other leader, including Jay with the girls and take over Los Angeles for his own only.

10. Blood Vessel

Blood Vessel New Vampire Movies

Blood Vesselis directed by Justin Dix and co-written by Dix and Jordan Prosser. The film takes place within the North Atlantic in late 1945. The film starts with expositional text which outlines the manner in which Nazi ships started targeting any and all ships in the Atlantic particularly those carrying medical personnel as well as civilians. 

In the film a group of individuals stranded in an adrift life raft in the sea. As survivors from the hospital that was torpedoed ship. They’re fighting without food, water or shelter, all appears lost until an abandon German minesweeper is seen drifting towards the survivors, offering them one last chance to survive. The film is a mix of nationalities, the beginning of the film is focus on the survivors’ journey to the ship’s wreck and their conflicts with one another. They then discover the bloodthirsty creatures on board.

11. 30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night

The story is base on Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith’s comics. The film 30 Days of Night is a story about the inhabitants of an Alaskan town. As they’re pursue by a hungry pack of vampiresthat take pleasure in a location that is sink into darkness each winter for more than one month. The town’s power is cut off, and with no connection for the world outside. They have to come up with a strategy to fight away their predators before the sun comes back. Danny Huston shines as Marlow as the powerful and ruthless vampire leader as does Josh Hartnett in his starring character in the role of the Sheriff Eben Oleson.

12. Vampires

Vampires Horror Movie

The show is a supernatural horror theme streaming television show created by Benjamin Dupas and Isaura Pisani-Ferry and starring cast members such as Oulaya Amamra Suzane Clement, and Alioucha Schneider as well as Kate Moran.

The plot follows the life of a Paris teenager who is half human and half-vampire. When she begins to realize her true abilities the teen is force to accept her true identity , while dealing with her family’s turmoil. The characters are intriguing and the plot is captivating, so if like the genre, you should give this show to try.

13. Bite Me

bite me

When Sarah is a real-life vampire. She is examine and is audit her last hope is to be a date. However, an unlikely connection with IRS agent James Two nerds to consider whether they’re brave enough to undertake the risk of being in love.

14. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is an unsettling TV show that captures the supernatural intrigue anyone who loves vampire-themed shows will love. The protagonist Sabrina Spellman, who gets confront by a vampire from the past, Vlad the Impaler, the actor Michael Antonakos.

The show is full of captivating horror, intrigue and romance. For those seeking out more bizarre fantasies, there’s plenty of it with this one. In general, the plot is captivating as is the production worthy of a place on our list of shows to watch.

New Vampire Movies for Kids

There are so many new vampire movies are best for Kids. The best we choose for you.

1. Hotel Transylvania 4

2. Monster Family

3. Vampires vs. the Bronx

4. Vampire Sisters

5. Little Vampire

New Vampire Movies Conclusion

New Vampire Movies

The appeal of literature about vampires is partially due to the unknown, the captivating aspect of immortality. As well as the romanticization and the idea of dying. 

If you’re in search of new vampire movies to watch on Netflix. There are plenty you can watch particularly now. That the genre is expanding and you’ll find things to entertain, thrills and even casual viewing.

We hope you enjoy the list of new vampire movies we put together and that you will discover your favourite from our selections. From classics such as Interview with the Vampire to comedy classics like What We Do in the Shadows. There is a good chance to discover a film that will keep you entertained for hours.

New Vampire Movies FAQs

Q1. What is the best new vampire movies on Netflix?

1. Day Shift 

2. Morbius

3. Blood Red Sky

4. First Kill

5. 30 Days of Night

Q2. Where can I watch Dracula and blood red sky both new vampire movies?

Both new vampire movies you can watch on Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV, Redbox or Netflix

Q3. What are the other names for a vampire?

The other name of vampire are bloodsucker, lamia, ghoul, vamp, coquette, temptress, etc.

Q4. Do Netflix have new vampire movies?

Yes Netflix have plenty new vampire movies as well as old Vampire movies too.

Q5. Is new vampire movies a really horror?

Yes all new vampire movies are horror some time comedy and action too.

Q6. What language do vampires speak in the movies?

The vampire speak vaguely Slavic, which is a nod to their Eastern European origin.

Q7. What was the first vampire film?

Nosferatu was the first vampire movie release in 1922.

Q8. There is any new vampire movies for kids?

Yes there is so many new vampire movies on Netflix for Kids.

1. Hotel Transylvania 42. Monster Family3. Vampires vs. the Bronx4. Vampire Sisters5. Little Vampire.

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